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Entrepreneurs often operate in isolation and lack direction, support, accountability and a sense of community. They can't lean on their family and friends because they don't understand the entrepreneur's mindset and vision, and other entrepreneurs are too busy working on their own vision. The result is slow, gradual progress and difficult problem solving made in seclusion.

Effective Masterminds resolve this by bringing together a high-performing group of business leaders who help each other clarify and set their goals and stick to them.

Masterminds are effective because the entire group works to support each other like a family. One of the most powerful aspects is the tight-knit community of like-minded people who not only PERMIT you to excel, but REQUIRE you to, while they support and encourage you along the way.

When executed correctly, a Mastermind is an opportunity to 10X your personal development and business growth.

You must deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.

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Hi, I’m Jigme Love -

I am a business owner, strategist, writer, and M.B.A. and I am extremely passionate about helping others skyrocket to success, discover their purpose, and unapologetically live their dreams.

My journey to successful entrepreneurship was long, convoluted, and riddled with lots of painful episodes of doing everything the 'hard way'. Along my journey I have invested nearly $100k in business education, coaching, mentoring and personal development work. The most valuable investment I ever made was in a high-level Mastermind. Within 2 months of joining a Mastermind, I had multiplied my monthly personal income by SIX TIMES, launched 3 new business lines, and up-levelled my personal and professional network significantly.

I attribute this success to being a part of a tight-knit group of success-oriented people who mind meld in order to ensure the success of every individual in the group. The most valuable takeaway from my Mastermind is that I now have a group of people that I love and support and vice versa.

The Vancouver Dream Factory Mastermind in Vancouver so local entrepreneurs can benefit from what I've learned, and so that they too can live a life of purpose, freedom, empowerment, connection, and abundance. I have consolidated what I've learned in my Mastermind into the Dream Factory - and I've added additional accountability measures, my own input into a proprietary curriculum, a tigher timeframe, and a geography-specific aspect - all the Masterminders will be Vancouver-based. My commitment is to curate the best possible mix of Masterminders and guest speakers, and to design a curriculum and accountability program that is guaranteed to ensure participant success and meaningful connections that will last a lifetime.



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Jigme Love is the Founder of the luxury fashion resale company Mine & Yours. She consults with global brands, and mentors people to find their passion and purpose in life and in business. Jigme holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Victoria and an M.B.A. from the International University of Monaco.

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