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Jigme Love is a seasoned professional writer and successful entrepreneur. Prior to writing the business plan for her company, the luxury resale retailer & e-commerce business Mine & Yours, she wrote business plans, marketing plans, and news releases for IPOs. Prior to that, she was a Magazine Writer, Editor and Speech Writer for the Canadian Federal Government. Jigme started Mine & Yours in her living room in 2013, and the business has since flourished, doubling its revenue nearly every year. 

Ms. Love has a nuanced understanding of both the Writer's & Entrepreneur's process. Most importantly, she understands the Customer's Process, and how they want to be engaged and marketed to. She knows how to tell a compelling story that inspires and activates an intended Call-to-Action. Ms. Love holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Victoria and an M.B.A from the International University of Monaco and has over 15 years of professional writing experience.

Her specialties are: brand storytelling, high-level business plans and marketing plans, 

She accepts a maximum of two brand clients per month. If you are interested in hiring Jigme, please fill out the form below to see if your project is a fit.

From living room startup to millions in revenue:  Mine & Yours

From living room startup to millions in revenue: Mine & Yours

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1. Determine if there is a values, culture & timing fit to work with Jigme.

2. Determine Scope of Project & Goals.

3. Agree on timeline, rates, and deliverables.

4. Research & Discovery Process - Identify Brand Voice, Personality, and Values. Develop Brand Narrative.

5. Delivery of Brand Narrative, Identity and associated Marketing Collateral.

6. Refinement

7. Project Wrap




Rob Dyrdek

Athlete, Entrepreneur, TV Star, Master Brand Builder -

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“We struggled for months to get the narrative brand ‘soul’ for one of our brands to sound perfect, and Jigme was able to nail it in a very short time-frame. I highly recommend her.”
— Rob Dyrdek

Christopher R. King, Founder & Creative Director, CCCXXXIII

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Jigme is the most excellent writer for global brands. She brought a passion, drive and energy to the project that was contagious!
— Christopher R. King


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