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My Purpose...

.....Is to raise the vibration of humanity through inspiration, connection, and courageous action. I achieve this by building companies that matter, mentoring new entrepreneurs who want to do the same, and by adding value to new and existing meaningful projects.

-Jigme Love


Jigme Love is a entrepreneur, business writer, and strategist who holds an M.B.A from the International University of Monaco. She is the CEO and President of Infuzed Brands, a CBD beverage company that is positioning itself to be a global leader in the emerging $22B CBD market.

She is also the Founder of Mine & Yours, the luxury fashion resale retailer and e-tailer. Jigme started her fashion business in her living room in 2013, and it has since flourished into a multi-million dollar company, doubling its revenue nearly every year since its inception. Ms. Love has been featured and quoted in Business in Vancouver, the Toronto Star, the LA Times, The Globe and Mail, CTV News, Global News, The Vancouver Sun, and many more. 

Jigme’s greatest passion is sharing the success strategies she has learned along her way with a new generation of entrepreneurs. 



Jigme is the most excellent consultant for global brands. She brought a passion, drive and energy to the project that was contagious!
— Christopher King, CCCXXXIII

Carla Wood, Founder,  ALL STRATEGY

Carla Wood, Founder, ALL STRATEGY


Jigme is a leader who is passionate about purpose and people. She is invigorated by challenge and growth. This has been so evident in this past year supporting next level strategic thinking as her corporate revenues doubled and she focused on ‘what’s next’. Jigme is an incredible mentor for the next generation of entrepreneurial leader who is committed to figuring out how their passion can become their empire.
— Carla Wood, Founder, ALL STRATEGY

Jigme has constantly strived for growth as an entrepreneur. Her drive for creativity in business and life has resulted in original ventures that have instilled positive change in the lives of her clients and everyone that interacts with her.
— Sharad Kharé, Principal, Kharé Communications
Sharad Khare, Principal,  Kharé Communications

Sharad Khare, Principal, Kharé Communications

Tina Braumberger, Manager for Mine & Yours, and Founder of CHILL Meditation

Tina Braumberger, Manager for Mine & Yours, and Founder of CHILL Meditation

Jigme has lead me through integral parts of my own personal transformation, for which I am forever grateful. She is an abundant source of belief, support and encouragement. Jigme has an unstoppable and highly contageous positive energy that will have you thinking ‘YES YOU CAN!’ to literally anything!
— Tina Braumberger, Manager, Mine & Yours